7 Simple Strategies to Organize Your Pantry Like a Pro

Your pantry is the treasure trove of your kitchen. But it can go neglected over time, and when it does, it’s more like a dungeon of doom. It’s time to untangle the chaos and get back on track with these simple strategies to organize your pantry like a pro.


1. Clean

Start by removing everything from the pantry, give it a good wipe down, and pitch expired items. A thorough cleaning gets rid of contaminants and lingering smells that can develop in all those abandoned nooks and crannies.
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2. Clear Bins


Say goodbye to search and rescue missions when you’re looking for that hidden box of penne pasta. Having clear storage bins allows you to see exactly what’s inside, eliminating the guessing game. Utilizing bins also offers you the ability to group similar things together, or group items that you use together.


3. Unbox to Save Space


Removing all that bulky packaging from your pantry can aide you in filling more into less space. Emptying pasta, rice, and other dry goods into clear containers and gathering individually wrapped items to place in bins frees up more space than you can imagine.

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4. Wire Baskets


Use wire baskets to store potatoes, onions, or loaves of bread. These are great for grouping items, plus they give your pantry a sharp look. One, creative space-saving product is the under-the-shelf hanging wire basket that is perfect for pulling on that bottom shelf for added storage.


5. Tiered Shelving


Maximize your vertical shelf space by investing in tiered, stackable shelving. These are great for heavier items or if you’re lucky enough to have enough space to store small appliances or dishes in your pantry.

mDesign|Organize Your Pantry

6. Lazy Susans


There’s nothing lazy about Susan. These crazy little spinners are great for inside corners and organizing smaller items like bottled items, spices, and condiments.


7. Can and Bottle Organizers


If you desire a clean, streamlined look, opt for a can organizer that dispense all those canned goods without taking up too much space. Similar to can dispensers, wine racks allow you to stack wine bottles in an efficient way, especially if you are limited on shelf height. Laying them down in on rack means you can give them their own home on shelf instead of taking up counter space.


Organizing your pantry takes a little effort and a lot of planning up front, but it’s so worth it. With these 7 simple strategies, you’ll never be embarrassed of your pantry again. In fact, it might become your favorite space in the house.