6 Foolproof Tips for Organizing Your Winter Wardrobe

After a long winter, we all look forward to warmer weather and everything that comes with spring. Especially the opportunity to show-off those spring outfits you’ve patiently been waiting to wear. But what will happen with all those sweaters, boots, and winter clothing lurking in your closet? It’s time to start thinking about organizing your cold-weather gear, and we’ve got you covered.


1. Clean, Clean, Clean!

Before you start folding and packing it’s important to clean everything. We can’t stress this enough. Machine washing and dry cleaning your winter clothing before storing it away helps to eliminate discoloring, stains, and that horrible musty smell which can develop during storage.


Pro Tip: When swapping out seasonal clothes, this is a great time to clean out the closet itself. Vacuum out all that dust or any cobwebs that may have formed over time.

2. Clear Bins For the WinmDesign|Organizing Your Winter Wardrobe


Packing winter wardrobe items in bins help keep them dust-free, dry, and neat. And using clear bins helps you see exactly what you have inside. Invest in an assortment of sizes, but make sure your bins have a lid and that they can stack easily. Storage space is usually at a premium, so stackable bins are must.


Pro Tip: Don’t hang sweaters! If you don’t want misshapen, drooping sweaters, fold them and place them at the bottom of your clear bins. This will ensure sweaters maintain their shape over time.

mDesign|Organizing Your Winter Wardrobe

3. Sort and Stack


Plan for Saturday morning or afternoon to work on arranging your winter wardrobe, giving you ample, dedicated time for this project. With everything clean, start by gathering winter garments for sorting. Sometimes, your bed will work best on giving you the work space you need for sorting piles by type, color, or style.


Fold and stack long-sleeve tees, turtlenecks, blouses, and sweaters by color from dark to light.This helps to keep colors from rubbing off or transferring during storage. Roll your denim to prevent fold lines from forming, and place them in a bin together.


Pro Tip: When stacking clothing, heaviest items should be on the bottom and lighter items on the top of the stack.


4. Organize Accessories

mDesign|Organizing Your Winter Wardrobe

Don’t forget about your hats, scarves, gloves and other winter accessories like warm socks and slippers. Ensure hats and gloves are clean and dry before packing them away. Moisture is your number one enemy when it comes to packing away clothes. It can cause mold and mildew to form, ruining clothes and accessories.


Hats, scarves, and gloves are often best packed in soft storage bins with breathable fabric. This helps with adequate air-flow. Neatly fold scarves and lay them on the bottom of the storage bins to keep them flat.


Pro Tip: Look for soft storage bins with lids and a transparent window. Having a sturdy lid aides in stacking and a front window allows for easy visibility to the contents inside.

mDesign|Organizing Your Winter Wardrobe

5. Shoes and Boots


If you have cold-weather footwear like booties, loafers, flats, or pumps that you want to pack away for the summer, loosely packing them in bins will help preserve them. Just be sure to wipe them down to remove any dirt or salt residue that can cause problems during storage.


As an alternative to clear bins for shoe storage, consider using under-bed storage cases that can capitalize on potentially unused space if your hurting for more room in your closet. These cases are perfect for storing shoes year round.


Pro Tip: Stuffing your shoes with tissue paper will help maintain their shape while they sit in storage.


6. Cool, Dry, and Dark

Lastly, climate control is critical. Find a cool, dry, and dark place to store your winter wardrobe. Avoid basements and attics unless you have full control over the environment. The worst thing that can happen is for your clothes to end up in a humid, brightly lit spot that can damage your clothes, or at best, leave them smelling musty come winter.


Following these easy tips will be sure to set you up for success. Investing the time on cleaning, sorting, stacking, and organizing that winter wardrobe now enables wrinkle-free, easy, and quick unpacking when winter hits later.