5 Easy and Creative End of Year Teacher Gifts

Teachers work hard throughout the year. Give them a gift they’ll love in a container they can use to organize their classroom again next year. Add an extra special touch with printable tags to personalize each gift!
If Teachers Were Apples


mDesign|Apples Basket

Sometimes sticking to the basics is a good thing. Grab a chic wire basket and fill with apples for an inexpensive gift that is sure to earn top marks.


Printable “Apples” Tags

Thank You!


mDesign|Thank You Basket

Any organized teacher can appreciate office supplies in a modern and handy holder. Fill one up with colorful paperclips to add a fun touch to your teacher’s desk.


Printable “Thank You!” Tags

Classroom Supplies


mDesign|Classroom Supplies Basket

No teacher can ever have enough supplies for their classroom. Why not help them check some off of their shopping list by gifting them a basket full of them? Display the supplies in a rotating bin to make them easy for students to grab!


Printable “#1 Teacher” Tags

We’re In Good Hands With You


mDesign|In Good Hands Basket

For a simple and useful gift everyone can use, pick up a soap pump and a few great smelling refills. Arrange them in a clear, reusable bin and add a colorful gift tag for a present that is sure to impress!


Printable “In Good Hands” Tags

You’re A Pop Star


mDesign|Pop Star Basket

There’s no better way to relax and unwind after a stressful year of teaching than curling up on the couch to watch a good movie. Fill a reusable bin with popcorn kernels and seasonings to make planning their next movie night simple and easy!


Printable “Pop Star” Tags